Picture 8aFirst Time Dog Owner? 

I will answer any questions you might have, before and after you bring your puppy home. I offer advice on:

The breed you’ve chosen; They all need a lot of time, care and attention and I can help you understand any special needs of the breed you choose.

How to puppy proof your home and your garden, helping to ensure the health and safety of your puppy as well as your prized possessions.

…And all the puppy basics: coming when called, enjoying the company of other dogs, walking on the lead, staying, not jumping up at visitors, in fact all the important and relevant lessons for a puppy to learn. I can be there to offer advice and follow up on potential issues such as chewing, toilet training, settling at night and the usual new owner issues we see on a regular basis.

I take great pride in setting up new puppies and owners with the foundation training essential to live a long and happy life together.